Common Causes of Auto Collisions in Los Angeles

An auto collision can be one of the most terrifying moments in someone’s life. Car collisions are very serious and are a common claim for Los Angeles Auto Insurance providers. Below we break down some of the most common causes of auto collisions in Los Angeles.

Faulty Vehicle Parts

Not every car is made perfectly. Actually many of the automobile companies have had to recall their vehicles due to faulty parts. Sometimes our cars become faulty due to age and wear. Some of the parts that commonly fail are breaks, steering wheels, and air bags.


One of the most common causes of auto collisions in Los Angeles is speeding. LA is known for its traffic and its drivers who ignore speed limit signs. Cars have a certain stopping distance based on weight and speed. You never know when you’ll have to make an instant stop. You may not be able to stop as easily if you’re speeding.


Sometimes weather can make for tough driving situations. Every year, auto collisions in Los Angeles drastically increase during rainy weather. Rain can make the road slippery and can reduce visibility while increasing stopping distance. Dense fog is also the cause of a lot of accidents. Remember not to drive with your high beams on in the fog. Some cars can even have fog lights installed.

Distracted Driving

When driving, you must always pay attention to the road. Even looking away for a quick second can lead to a major car collision. Many drivers get distracted by their cell phones, food, makeup, children, music and more.

Drowsy Driving

Some people work long hours or have to drive for a long time. This can cause them to become drowsy behind the wheel. Drowsy driving is something that’s commonly experienced by truck drivers, but casual drivers can experience it too. Drowsy driving causes drivers to veer off the road or sway into oncoming traffic. There have been numerous accidents that were caused by people who fell asleep at the wheel..

Impaired Driving

Impaired driving is one of the most serious causes of auto collisions in Los Angeles. Impaired drivers include those who are under the influence of alcohol, under the influence of narcotics, and those who are impaired by their prescription medication. When a driver is impaired, their vision can be blurred or the reaction time can be decreased.

You can’t predict when an auto collision will occur. The most you can do is take precautions so you don’t cause one. By avoiding these common causes of car accidents in Los Angeles, you reduce your chances of being involved in a collision. If you are involved in a collision, your Los Angeles Auto Insurance policy will cover the losses. What gets covered depends on the policy you choose.

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