Common Los Angeles Home Insurance Claims

Every day, Los Angeles Home Insurance providers process numerous claims. There are some claims that appear more than others.  Below we list some of the more common Los Angeles Home Insurance claims so you can be prepared for these losses.

Water Damage

A burst pipe can flood your home and cause significant damage. Water on your roof can cause a cave-in. If there is heavy rain, your home can get flooded.

Dog Bites

Dogs can add an extra degree of liability. Some of the most common claims related to pets are dog bites. If a visitor, mail carrier, or worker gets bitten by your dog, you will be held financially responsible.


Fires can happen for many reasons: faulty wiring systems; a stove left unattended; a candle that was never doused. Fire and smoke damage can be expensive to fix without Los Angeles Home Insurance.


Homes can be damaged by rain, hail, tornados, hurricanes, and lightning. Luckily, many Los Angeles Home Insurance policies have coverage for these damages.

Falling Trees

Trees can fall for various reasons, and sometimes they land on your house. Good Los Angeles Home Insurance will protect you from the damages caused by fallen trees.

Knowing these common Los Angeles Home Insurance claims can help you decide on the coverage you’ll need when looking for insurance. SkyBlue Insurance is an authorized representative for providers of Los Angeles Home Insurance. If you want to protect yourself, or look for more affordable options, contact us and get an instant Los Angeles Home Insurance quote for free!